The Ling Awards

A multi-media gala celebration of friendship, art & culture. A sketch comedy film festival, awards show & extraordinarily fun night.

The Ling Awards is a multi-media gala celebration of friendship, community, art, culture, music, comedy & film annually held each spring in Saskatoon.

Thanks to the Academy for another amazing Ling Awards. So much fun and one of my favourite night’s of the year.
— Sara Schatz
The Ling awards are a night to celebrate friendship. Even if you don’t know many people there, you can pretty much guarantee anyone you meet there is rad. Someone’s friend thought they were a good person so they invited them. Every one in the room has been vouched for as being awesome.

This is a night to make new friends, and be reminded why you love your old ones. You get a chance to laugh and learn new things about these people, whether it’s how creative and funny they are, or an embarrassing story about them. You also will run into overlapping friend circles, and meet up with people you haven’t seen in way too long.

There is so much time, work and money put into this event by the Academy, and they expect nothing in return except that you enjoy your night. They spend all year planning and organizing this so that we can all come together, experience and celebrate true friends. To me this night is a chance to hang out with the most awesome, fun loving, generous and kind people Saskatoon has to offer, and that number is always growing.
— Bethany Murray
Thoroughly impressed by the organization and creativity presented last night! It was my first ever Ling Awards and Rae & I has a blast! (The Academy) truly have a creative gift that is shared at this event with nothing wanted in return other than for us to enjoy it! Refreshing! I am happy to be a part of it and honoured to be asked, for that thank you! I look forward to helping out with future events!
— Darryl Koszman
Another incredible event! It was great to see old friends and to make new ones. I am in awe of the creativity & effort that goes into the awards every year. Academy: you’re amazing!
— Laura Negraeff
Happy to be in Saskatoon getting to be a part of another amazing Ling Awards! Every year just gets better! Good job to the hard working Academy!
— Sarah Begbie
Thank you to everyone who was involved for your passion and dedication. It. Was. AWESOME!!!
— Yang Pang
Huge thank you to the Academy and everyone who contributed to the planning and logistics of the award ceremony last night! The videos were absolutely top notch quality and the jokes were hilarious! I can’t wait to attend next year! Cheers everybody!
— Malcolm Whyte
It was my first time going to these awards, had a great time, met some really nice people, laughed my ass off all night, doesn’t get better than that :)
— Kaylee Alexander
Thanks to the academy and volunteers for bringing us an amazing night year after year! Ask me how sweet the event is. But really... You have to go to know ;)
— Robert Belanger
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing night! I really appreciate all the time, effort and planning you guys put in every year!
— Leanne Sophia
I can’t wait for next year!
— Tashia Reiter
Two words for this Saturday #lingawards
— Katelyn Fry
Just wanted to say thanks for the invite! We had a blast... Definitely had NO idea what it was all about going into it. Makes me think we should hang out more often so I get to know these people! Haha. It’s a very cool event.
— Stacey Lawrence
Yet another solid night at the @lingawards It was a pleasure
— Nathan Draper
Thanks for a fun evening, I had a blast!
— Jeremy Berscheid
Great night!
— Jeremy Ring
That was awesome!
— Rob Fast
Lingers & Lingee’s... you nailed it once again! Always amazed how you can top the previous year’s event! My stomach still hurts from laughing... thank you for an unreal night! Looking forward to next year!
— Chai Lyn
The clips were hilarious!
— Sharlee Maloney
I signed just to tweet how epic this is!
— Derek Jensen
The Ling Awards started as a small group of friends, and has snowballed into a giant group of friends.
— Maple Rizzato
Wow wow wow! Thank you to the Academy and congratulations on another incredibly successful event!
— Ashley Quick
I can say without exaggeration that the Ling Awards are the best award show ever... move over Oscars!
— Lisa H.
Favourite night of the year!
— Katie Juba
So freaking awesome!
— Ashley C.
Long live the Ling
— Michael Garnett
Oh wow you guys! This sure took off! Looks awesome!
— Kim Bogner
Fun times, good friends, lots of laughs!
— Nathan Morris
Thank you for putting on a fabulous party/show!
— Erin Paige Gray
I’m amazed at what this has become. Well done!
— Trisha Jay
Ling Awards you do not disappoint! Amazing night!
— Tammy MacFarlane
Ling Awards were awesome!
— Logan Gloeden
The academy did another great job last night. Fantastic event!
— Kiri Staples
Just wanted to say that you did an amazing job with the academy members of putting this together. That was an awesome night!
— Brenden Turanich
Thanks to the Ling Academy for a great night. Well done. It takes a lot to commit to the academy. Thanks! From the chuckles of my small small heart.
— Wadena Burnett
What an amazing night! You have absolutely done it again academy! Thank you to Lindsay, Myles, Malcolm, Paul, Greg, David (and Jon) for another great night! You guys are the best!
— Leanne Sophia
Yet another amazing Ling Awards! A big thank you to the academy and to all the awesome friends that made the night so great!
— Sara Schatz
Had such a great time on the town last night! Went to the Ling Awards dressed to impress, thanks to Myles Morrison not only for the nomination for community leadership, but also putting on one hell of an event! You and your crew rocked the details! The gals and I had a great time!
— Mandy Pravda
Thanks for inviting us to the Ling Awards. We had a blast last night. Videos were top drawer. That’s the panty drawer so you know it’s good.
— Kris Grambo
Wouldn’t miss it!
— Kevin Saganski
Amazing night had at the Ling Awards!
— Britney Fairburn
Thanks for the great evening on Saturday! Thank you! I can’t tell you enough how much fun the evening was! Well done, and thank you again!
— Wendy Thiessen
Another amazing time! Can’t wait till next year! All dressed up & Lignin’!
— Chelsea McGinnis
Making the world a better place, one ling awards at a time.
— Greg Paterson
Awesome night at the Ling Awards! Thank you to the academy!
— Amanda Cooley
Some say it doesn’t feel different waking up a Ling Awards winner. They are dirty liars. It feels great!
— Nolan Paul
So much fun!! Happy to have been a part of this! Way to go guys!! So much fun!! Happy to have been a part of this! Way to go guys!!
— Daileen Allison
Thanks to the academy for all the hard work you did to pull off the awards last night. It was a great show and a fantastic party. I’m still recovering. Can’t wait for Ling X
— Heather Landine
Just watched all the youtube vids and I have to say y’all did an amazing job! I had a great laugh! Thanks for all the energy and time you put into this doing this!
— Nadine Lemoine
This was a hilariously amazing experience and I am beyond amped that my little party made this a part of our night. Thank you soooooo much for the best dressed award. It really was the icing on the cake for me! It was my first time and I have fallen in love. Can’t wait ‘til next year!
— Katherine Wilkinson

Hosted by the Ling Academy of the Arts. Background image by Jon Miller.