The Ling Awards

A multi-media gala celebration of friendship, art & culture. A sketch comedy film festival, awards show & extraordinarily fun night.

The Ling Awards is a multi-media gala celebration of friendship, community, art, culture, music, comedy & film annually held each spring in Saskatoon.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the Ling Awards?
The Ling Awards is an annual event in Saskatoon that celebrates and honours friendship. It also showcases media and art made by Ling Awards attendees.

Is it open for everybody?
Yes. Anyone is welcome to attend. Unfortunately however, minors are not allowed.

Do you need tickets?
No. The Ling Awards is an open event.

Can you nominate anyone for anything?
You can nominate anyone for the the category of your choice. If you have a more compelling story, you are more likely to be selected by the Academy. Nominate your friends here:

Is it held in a house?
No, it has grown to be too large of an event and has moved to more appropriately sized event halls. However, it did start in a basement.

How long have the Ling Awards been around?
The Inaugural Ling Awards was in 2007.

How did it start?
Please see our history section.

How much does it cost to attend?
The Ling Awards is free and always will be.

Is there alcohol consumed at the Ling Awards?
Yes. Each year the Ling Academy purchases a liquor license and serves alcohol at a fair price.

What happens when you win an award?
The award is a golden beer bottle. You have the option to drink your award on stage and are encouraged to give a speech.

Is it All-Ages?
Unfortunately, the Ling Awards is not open to minors. Everyone else is welcome.

Do I have to dress up?
The Ling Awards is a classy event like the Oscars. It is recommended you dress to impress.

Is it true Brad Wall signed a letter of support for the Ling Awards?
Yes, he did, here.

How many people show up each year?
In 2014, we estimated 500+ attendees.

What videos are shown at the Ling Awards?
Videos are here.

Is there food available to consume?
Yes, food can be purchased at the event. Details TBD.

I don’t know anybody here. Why do I feel so isolated?
The Ling Awards started as a small group of friends and has snowballed into a large group of friends. Odds are you will meet some really cool people and make friends. There are many others in the same boat as you. It is a great place to network, both for business and social reasons.

My friend didn't win and I nominated him/her and I am angry/frustrated/upset. Why did this happen?
Unfortunately not everybody can win a Ling Award, as there are 20x more attendees than award recipients. Please try to enjoy the event responsibly and try not to get upset, being nominated is an honour. Next year be sure to nominate your friends and let the academy know why they deserve to win. ☺

Hosted by the Ling Academy of the Arts. Background image by Jon Miller.