The Ling Awards

A multi-media gala celebration of friendship, art & culture. A sketch comedy film festival, awards show & extraordinarily fun night.

The Ling Awards is a multi-media gala celebration of friendship, community, art, culture, music, comedy & film annually held each spring in Saskatoon.

The Ling Academy of the Arts, circa 2015. Photo by Lisa Harasen.

The Ling Academy of the Arts, circa 2015. Photo by Lisa Harasen.

The Ling Academy of the Arts, Inc.

The Ling Academy of the Arts Inc. consists of 7 elected members. Board members are voted in annually, and are an incorporated non-profit organization registered in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Paul Thompson is the founder of the Ling Awards. The inspiration for the Ling Awards came to him while attending the now defunct Friend Awards in the bitter winter of 2007. Inspired by the camaraderie of the event, Paul set out with his roommates at 14 Ling street to create an event based on the same principles of friendship, but with the pomp and circumstance of a multi-media gala. Paul is the voice of the Ling Awards and produces the audio-visual presentation for each year’s show.

Paul was born and raised in Saskatoon, and although he has tried to leave our big little city, he has never been able to stay too long too far from his home. Paul is currently a student in the final year of the Bachelor of Education program at the University of Saskatchewan. He also holds a B.A. (Honours) in Philosophy. Learning and education are among his greatest passions, and he hopes to pursue a career as a high school history teacher.

Outside of the classroom, Paul has donated his experience in sports to the community. Paul was a national champion wrestler, and former member of the University of Saskatchewan Huskies wrestling team. He was a three-time CJFL champion as a defensive lineman with the Saskatoon Hilltops. Although he is now old and kinda fat, Paul is happy to lend his coaching expertise to the wrestling and football teams at his local high school. 

Most importantly, Paul is a proud dad to his little girl, Jesmond, and a loving husband to the most beautiful, intelligent, and caring partner in the world, Kathleen.

David Broberg is an original founder of the Ling Academy of the Arts and has been a fixture at all nine Ling Awards from the cozy basement on Ling Street to the Sutherland Curling Club where Ling Awards X will be hosted. Dave has called Saskatoon home his entire life and is the owner of D James Construction Ltd., a local General Contracting company. A proud member of the Saskatoon Badgers Rugby club, Dave also plays on the Das Boots men's and No Ruls co-ed soccer teams and is known to play a mean brand of shinny (just ask Paul’s nose). Outside of sports and Ling projects, Dave spends time travelling and at Canadian Blood Services where he's an active platelet donor. Dave’s favourite times are spent at his family’s fly-in fishing camp in Northern Saskatchewan, snowboarding in the mountains and, of course, at the Ling Awards.



Greg Paterson was born & raised in Saskatoon. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering (B.Eng., U of S 2007), and a Masters in Chemical and Biological Engineering (M.Sc., U of S 2012). Greg currently works as an R&D Design Engineer in Saskatoon, developing the next generation of highly efficient energy recovery ventilation systems for commercial buildings. In his spare time he maintains a classic motorcycle, produces videos, practices amateur photography, plays guitar, snowboards in the Rocky Mountains, cooks, travels the world, trains his three dogs, and is an multiple award-winning homebrewer. Greg is also a moustache aficionado (pictured: left), and DIY enthusiast. 

Greg was the third individual inducted into the Ling Academy of the Arts, and was the first non-founding member of the Academy. He was the inaugural recipient of the Ling Award for Best Costume in 2007 for his 'Captain Jack Sparrow' costume, and has since won the award for Best Group Costume for his work in creating 'The Justice League'. Greg was instrumental in the growth of the Ling Awards throughout their formative years. Through event organization, promotion, technical know-how and digital production he has helped develop the Ling Awards into the spectacle that they are today. 

Lindsay Quick joined the Ling Academy of the Arts in 2010. Born and raised in Saskatoon she has worked within sales, marketing fundraising and customer service rolls her entire career. This career has given her the opportunity to make many contacts which puts her in the perfect position to plan, organize, and help pull off the ever increasing demands of the Ling Awards ceremony. Never one to take herself too seriously you will find she thrives in her role as the only female academy member bringing push up bras, patience, and positivity. An active community volunteer and general “yes” woman there is always something on the go… until Ling season when everything else gets put on hold to host one of the most exciting, creative and imaginative events Saskatoon has ever seen. 

Myles Morrison is co-host of the Ling Awards and has been Director with the Ling Academy since 2010.  Myles is also a published author, actor, awarded public speaker and internationally touring comedian with appearances on CBC's Laugh Out Loud, SiriusXM's Laugh Attack, and Bite TV's Comedy Time. Myles was selected twice to perform for NATO soldiers overseas in 12 different countries. He played "Smash Tanga" on the City TV children's show Space Stretch for 2 seasons, and wrote the children's book Hi! I'm A Bear, which was nominated for a Moonbeam children's book award, and is available on Amazon here. In 2011 Myles was a finalist in SiriusXM's "Canada's Top Comic" and his work has been featured on, Huffington Post and the Chicago Tribune. His debut comedy album Uncommon Nonsense is available on iTunes here and can be regularly heard on SiriusXM's Canada Laughs.

Myles volunteers with Elections Canada, and numerous fundraisers around Saskatchewan. He lives happily with his wife in Saskatoon, where he trains for triathlons, continues his career in entertainment, and works on Ling projects. Myles studied marketing at the University of Saskatchewan, as well as, New Media/Web Design at the Heinze Institute of Applied Technology.

Jon Miller 2015-1.jpg

Jon Miller became the official photographer of the Ling Awards in 2010. He was welcomed as a full voting member in 2012 and immediately began contributing video production in addition to his photography services. Jon's video work is counted among the winners of contests held by Tourism Saskatchewan (2nd), The Canadian Tourism Commission (selected), and the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (1st). A selection of Jon's photography work can be found on display at a number of Saskatoon businesses, and he even has work featured on National Geographic's website.

Jon lives in Saskatoon and works for the Saskatchewan Research Council. When he is not taking pictures or making videos, he can most likely be found on his motorcycle, playing soccer on one of several teams, running half marathons, ballroom dancing or spending time with his family and friends.

Malcolm Whyte is the Technical Consultant for the Ling Awards, overseeing the music, video, and audio from pre-production to screening. An expert in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Audition, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and live event production, Malcolm works in collaboration with the Academy to develop the most professional and entertaining Ling Awards celebration year after year. 

Malcolm was the recipient of the Ling Award for MVP in 2013 for his contributions to the Ling Awards that year. Malcolm co-wrote the Ling Awards 2014 introduction song “Tonight, it’s the Ling Awards” with Myles Morrison. Due to his dedication, knowledge, and warm personality, Malcolm was then asked to join the Academy in the summer of 2014.

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Malcolm committed to music seriously when he was 23 and enrolled in the Vancouver College/UBC World Music B.Mus program where he studied theory and music instrumentation fundamentals. While in Vancouver, Malcolm played bass guitar with Flexure (2000-2004), Frequency Fall (2003-2005) and Sara Ciantar (2006). Malcolm moved to Saskatoon in early 2007 and despite the -30˚C winters, he still enjoys the sunshine and vibrant arts community. Malcolm is also a proud father to his little girl, Malaika. In 2011 he re-entered the music scene this time in Saskatoon, playing with Victoria Awake (2011) and All of the Above (2011).

Malcolm works at the University of Saskatchewan in the Clinical Learning Resource Centre as a Simulation Technology Specialist. Other than parenting and his full time job, Malcolm keeps busy with writing, recording, mixing, and producing bands. Malcolm has continued to hone his craft in music and bass guitar. Joining The Karpinka Brothers for shows in 2013 and beyond, he has earned a spot among the Saskatoon music community. He started playing bass with country-rock band Aces Wyld in September of 2013 and joined indie-folk/pop band Fisticuffs (now Dream Country) in February of 2014. 

Hosted by the Ling Academy of the Arts. Background image by Jon Miller.