The Ling Awards

A multi-media gala celebration of friendship, art & culture. A sketch comedy film festival, awards show & extraordinarily fun night.

The Ling Awards is a multi-media gala celebration of friendship, community, art, culture, music, comedy & film annually held each spring in Saskatoon.

2011 Ling Award Recipients

Men's Achievement    Nathan Turnbull

Women's Achievement    Maple Rizzato    

Ling Lifetime Achievement    Carter Hurlburt (Philanthropy)

Video of the Year    Katie Salmers

Outstanding Socialite    Ryan Hunter

The Darwin Award    Jenna Farquharson

The Houdini Award    Michelle Kildaw

Reconnaissance Award    Dana Michelle Hientz

Team of The Year    Steel Toe Abs

Ling MVP    Ben Smale

Gold Perseverance Award    Roman Nahachewsky

Most Eligible    Mike Fisher

Best Costume    Laura & Dave Raffey    

Sexiest Costume    Dan Rizwan

Artist of the Year    B4-4

Best Picture    Where's Waldo?

Best Dressed    Stephanie Davey

Best Presenter    Chelsey Hagerty & Jesse Solheim

Best Acceptance Speech    Nathan Turnbull


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Hosted by the Ling Academy of the Arts. Background image by Jon Miller.