The Ling Awards

A multi-media gala celebration of friendship, art & culture. A sketch comedy film festival, awards show & extraordinarily fun night.

The Ling Awards is a multi-media gala celebration of friendship, community, art, culture, music, comedy & film annually held each spring in Saskatoon.

2007 Ling Award Recipients

Men's Achievement in Drinking    Brennan Hart

Women's Achievement in Drinking    Jill Hart

Best Zinger    Brandon Buchan

Achievement in Intoxication    Shawn Brandon

Who Can We Force To Drink A Beer    Kyle Drever

Where the Hell Did That Guy Go? Award    Nathan Morris

Team of The Year    Ling Dynasty

The Sixth Roommate Award    Guy John Richards

Lawn Fighting MVP    Dave Broberg

Most Anticipated Lawn Fight    Evan Buchan vs. Jeff

Costume of the Year    Greg Paterson

Sexiest Costume    Suzy Richards

Most Whipped    Joe Bogner

Most Whipped by WoW    Zach Landine

Kaiser MVP    Evan Thompson

Most Anticipated Mud Wrestling Match    N/A

Ling Academic Achievement    Paul Thompson

Most Offensive Body Hair    Jeremy Ring

The Drunken Storyteller Award    Erik Frederiksen

Shinny MVP    Eric Russell

The "I Thought This Was America" Award    Joel Miniely

Best Acceptance Speech    Guy John Richards


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Hosted by the Ling Academy of the Arts. Background image by Jon Miller.